One common cause of this problem is when members have more than one site account without realizing it; one is a standard Slate account, and the other is Slate Plus. Verify which email address you used to sign up, which may be different than the one on your receipt. Make sure to access your account through the same log-in you used to sign up for Slate Plus—if you created your account using your Facebook, Yahoo, Google, or Twitter account, make sure to click the appropriate button to log in.

If you are logged in with the correct account, but still having trouble, try signing out of your account. Then clear your browser’s cookies and sign back in.

It’s also possible that you have enabled an extension, ad blocker, or certain browser settings that are interfering with the login system. Try disabling your ad blocker, adjusting your settings, or using an alternate browser. 

If that doesn't work, email or click New support ticket on our support homepage. You can help us provide speedier service by including the following information in your message:  

  • What steps you are taking 

  • The problem you encountered, including any error messages you saw

  • Your receipt or Plus member welcome email confirming your sign up or renewal was successful.

  • Visit this page to help us identify your computer and browsing configuration. Copy and paste the information into your message.