Here are some common problems.

If you are seeing an error message that says, Email in use


You may have already created a user account on, perhaps to leave a comment or if you tried Slate Plus at some other time. Try resetting your password.


If you live abroad...

The signup page does accept international zip codes, but if you are having problems with this field please email or click New support ticket on our support homepage.


If you are unsure whether your transaction was processed successfully…


For security reasons, the registration process will time out after a period of inactivity. To confirm whether your membership was processed successfully, check in your inbox for an email with the subject line Thank You for Joining Slate Plus. You can also try logging in and navigating to the Slate Plus welcome page.

If your membership processes successfully, you'll see a confirmation like this:

For additional support, email or click New support ticket on our support homepage. You can help us provide speedier service by including the following information in your message:  

  • What steps you are taking 

  • The problem you encountered, including any error messages you saw

  • Visit this page to help us identify your computer and browsing configuration. Copy and paste the information into your message.