How to manually subscribe to a podcast in Apple Podcasts or iTunes

Podcasts app (iOS)

  1. Open the Apple Podcasts app
  2. Select Library
  3. Select Edit
  4. Click Add podcast by URL and paste in your URL

iTunes (Mac and Windows)

  1. Select File from the menu bar
  2. Select Subscribe to Podcast…
  3. Paste your unique URL into the dialogue box

If you can’t find Subscribe to Podcast… in the File menu, you’re probably using an older version of iTunes. Try the Advanced menu, or visit iTunes support.

Where can you find your unique URL? 

To access the ad-free podcasts and bonus audio content, you'll need to subscribe to our members-only podcast feeds. (These are special, private feeds that must be accessed through your membership account. You will not find them by searching in the public directories of iTunes or other podcast players.)

You can find your unique feeds on the Slate Plus welcome page (make sure you’re signed in to your account), or on our podcast support page. You can subscribe to the master feed, which contains all of Slate’s podcasts, or subscribe to individual shows.