If you purchased a membership through Slate's iOS app, you’ll need to create a Slate account, or sign into an existing account, in order to access member benefits on Slate's website.

(We can’t create your account automatically, or link to an existing one, because Apple doesn’t share your email address or other information with us.) 

After you sign up for Slate Plus in the app, you’ll be presented with a screen prompting you to sign in to an existing Slate account or create a new account. If you follow that prompt, your Slate account will be connected to your Slate Plus membership.

If you don’t create an account when you first purchase a Slate Plus membership, you can connect one later. In the app, tap the menu and then Log In / Sign Up.

Once you have created a Slate Plus account, check out our instructions here to access the members-only podcasts in your favorite outside podcast player.