How to listen to Slate Plus podcasts in Stitcher for iOS

With the Stitcher app, you can search for and add the Slate Plus Daily Feed, which contains all of Slate’s podcasts, or you can listen to individual Slate Plus shows. 


To limit access only to members, every Slate Plus show in Stitcher requires a login of a username and a password. The username is your Slate Plus account's email address.

The password is a special code only for Stitcher; it is NOT the same as the password for your Slate Plus account sign-in on Before you open the Stitcher app, find your unique Stitcher password at the bottom of the Slate Plus member podcast page then copy it.

To subscribe to the Daily Feed, search for “Slate Plus” in the app. To subscribe to individual shows search for the show name with "Plus" at the end (e.g. Slow Burn Plus, The Gist Plus). 

Select the show from the search results. Use the + icon to add it to a playlist. (For more information on how to use the Stitcher app, visit Stitcher’s FAQ page.)

You will be prompted to enter subscription credentials in order to subscribe.

Click the login link and then enter your username (Slate Plus email) and paste in the Stitcher password that you copied earlier. In iOS, you may be prompted to save this password in your Keychain; if you do so, you can quickly pre-fill this information when you subscribe to any other Slate Plus shows in Stitcher.

Then click Login and your access will be authenticated. Repeat these steps for any Slate Plus show you want to listen to on Stitcher.

Where can you find your Stitcher Password

Your Stitcher password is located here on our membership home page.  Your Stitcher password is assigned to you by us. It is not the same as the password for your Slate sign in account.

For more information on how to use the Stitcher app, visit Stitcher’s FAQ page

For more information on accessing Slate Plus in Stitcher, visit Stitcher's Slate Plus FAQ page.